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When you are facing criminal charges, you may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do next. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney handling your case can give you the clear direction and peace of mind you need in such a difficult time. Shoemake Law Firm is ready to help.

Whether your case involves DUI defense, drug violations, charges of domestic violence, white-collar crimes, theft, assault & battery, or sex crimes, you need an attorney who will work tirelessly to develop a defense strategy that will put you in a position to avoid facing the harshest penalties associated with your charges.

From your first free consultation, attorney Sheila L. Shoemake will get to know you and the specific details surrounding your situation. She'll explain the legal options available to you, create a strategy that is tailored to suit your case, and help you move forward.

Going up against the criminal justice system alone is never wise. Instead, let a highly-trained professional attorney lead you in the right direction. For criminal defense representation in Enid, Lawton, Chandler, Cleveland County, or throughout the state of Oklahoma, call Shoemake Law Firm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today.


With a detailed understanding of the law, attorney Sheila L. Shoemake will stand by you throughout each step of the legal process.


Many cases can be resolved without having to go to trial. Sheila Shoemake has the negotiating skills to help you seek a positive result.


From beginning to end, you'll have an attorney who is available to listen to your input and answer and and all of your important legal questions.

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In addition to criminal defense cases, Shoemake Law Firm also provides legal representation in situations involving Tribal Court and family law matters. With strong negotiation skills, attorney Sheila L. Shoemake is ready to be your guide as you seek a positive resolution that lets you avoid further legal frustrations in the future.

In the state of Oklahoma, some matters are not handled in standard state or federal courts, but in Tribal Court. Having an attorney with Tribal Court experience will allow you to enter into these situations with confidence that your best interests and rights will be upheld and protected throughout every stage of the process.

Family law encompasses a wide range of emotionally-tense and stressful cases, including divorce, child custody, and more. IN order to look after your future and the wellbeing of your loved ones, trust your case to a skilled family law attorney. Sheila L. Shoemake has the negotiation skills necessary to move things toward a positive resolution.

When you have a dedicated attorney in your corner, your legal matters will be much easier. If you are anywhere in the state of Oklahoma, including Cleveland County, Chandler, Lawton, or Enid, and you need to speak with an attorney, call Shoemake Law Firm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to schedule a free consultation.