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Family Law Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Resolving Family Law Matters

Few areas of the law touch such intimate, personal matters as family law does. This practice area concerns the formation, dissolution and modification of one of our most basic social units as a society.

My name is Sheila Shoemake, founding lawyer at Shoemake Law Firm. I have a diverse background as a lawyer and educator that has exposed me to families from different countries and cultures. My goal as your legal representative is to help ease your transition from one part of your family's life into a new one, with as little stress as possible.

Help for Your Family Legal Issues

Legal Services For Every Stage Of Your Family's Life

No two families are exactly alike, and my office recognizes that you will have legal needs throughout your family's existence. I can advise and represent you on all of the following matters, as well as many others:

  • Divorce matters, including custody and visitation, child support, and property division

  • Adoptions

  • Guardianship arrangements

  • Same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption issues

  • Establishing paternity for unmarried couples with children

  • Victim protective orders for those threatened with the crime of domestic violence

As your attorney, your comfort is at the top of my mind throughout the process. I research your circumstances diligently and develop creative resolutions to difficult legal situations that provide your family with the ability to thrive.

All families, regardless of their composition, deserve equal justice under the law. I will represent you with compassion and respect at each stage of your legal issue.

Every Family Deserves A Strong Legal Team On Their Side

You do not have to keep worrying about a legal issue facing your family — call my firm at 405-896-8599 today. You can also email my office to set up a free case consultation. I serve clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. French- and Spanish-language services are available, and I offer weekend and evening appointments upon request.

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