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Violent crimes tend to be aggressively prosecuted in the state of Oklahoma. Minors accused of committing violent crimes may be charged as youthful offenders, which can mean even more severe consequences.  A minor charged with first-degree murder could even face full criminal charges. 

If you are a minor who has been accused of committing a violent crime, you should immediately seek quality legal representation. The Oklahoma City juvenile violent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm is a former public defender with extensive experience. Sheila Shoemake understands what is at stake and will leverage her legal skills to pursue the best possible outcome.

Discuss your legal options by calling (405) 451-1372 or contacting the firm online today. The firm offers free initial consultations, same-day appointments, and services in English, Spanish, and French.

Types of Violent Crimes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law defines a list of “violent crimes” that are always charged as felonies. Many of these offenses can also trigger the possibility of a minor being charged as a youthful offender. Some offenses do involve lesser levels of violence but are nevertheless classified as “nonviolent crimes” and can therefore be charged as misdemeanors. 

The Oklahoma City juvenile violent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm can assist you with many types of cases, including those involving: 

  • Arson in the First Degree. Someone commits arson when they deliberately set fire to or burn down a building or structure (or attempt to set fire to or burn down a building or structure). Arson is charged “in the first degree” if the building or structure is inhabited and/or anyone is injured as a direct result of the offense.  
  • Assault with Intent to Kill. A person commits assault when they intentionally harm or threaten to harm someone else. Assault becomes a felony when it is committed with an intent to kill, involves the use of a deadly weapon, causes serious injury, is connected to some other felony, involves a masked or disguised assailant, or involves an attack on a first responder.
  • Burglary in the First Degree. Someone commits burglary in the first degree if they break into a house or dwelling where at least one person is currently located with the intention of committing a crime. 
  • Manslaughter in the First Degree. First-degree manslaughter is an involuntary form of homicide that occurs when someone unintentionally kills another person while committing a misdemeanor.
  • Manslaughter in the Second Degree. Second-degree manslaughter covers all instances of homicide that are not considered negligent, excusable homicide, justifiable homicide, first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or first-degree manslaughter.
  • Murder in the First Degree. A person commits first-degree murder when they intentionally kill someone else with malice aforethought. First-degree murder charges may also apply if the act was committed with malice, occurred in connection with another serious crime, involved the killing of a child, involved solicitation, or if the victim was a law enforcement officer.
  • Murder in the Second Degree. Second-degree murder does not require premeditation but involves homicide in which someone exhibiting signs of a “depraved mind” disregards human life, resulting in death.
  • Rape. Someone may be charged with rape, a serious sex crime, if they have penetrative intercourse with someone younger than 16 or someone who does not give (or is unable to give) consent. Rape charges can also be pursued if a perpetrator allegedly used force or threats to facilitate intercourse. 
  • Robbery. When someone uses force and fear (often generated through the threat of violence) to carry out theft, they have committed robbery, no matter the value of the misappropriated property. Robbery in the first or second degree is considered a felony violent crime. 

Get in touch with the Oklahoma City juvenile violent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm as soon as you can if you have been accused of committing any type of violent crime. Even an allegation can dramatically hinder your access to opportunities as a minor, so leveraging all available defense options is extremely important.

Do not hesitate to contact the firm online or call (405) 451-1372 if you or someone you love has been charged with a violent crime. 

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