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Many offenses are considered “nonviolent crimes” under Oklahoma law. Though people often associate violent crimes with the harshest punishments, the truth is that someone can still face severe penalties if they are found guilty of committing a nonviolent offense – even as a juvenile. A minor’s future may be at stake if they are accused of committing any type of crime, no matter how seemingly minor.

Whether you have been accused of theft, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or any other offense, one mistake does not have to define you. The Oklahoma City juvenile nonviolent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm is dedicated to your defense and will use her negotiating skills to resolve your case as quickly and favorably as possible. Sheila Shoemake understands the stress you are experiencing and will work closely with you from beginning to end. Securing a positive result is our top priority, and the firm’s team will leverage their knowledge of the state’s juvenile criminal process to effectively defend you in and out of the courtroom.

Do not hesitate to contact the firm online or call (405) 451-1372 if you or someone you love has been charged with a nonviolent crime. The firm offers free initial consultations, same-day appointments, and legal services in English, Spanish, and French.

Types of Nonviolent Crimes in Oklahoma

You may be wondering: What makes a crime “nonviolent” in the eyes of the law? Perhaps confusingly, Oklahoma law defines a series of “violent” felonies. Because there is no defined list of “nonviolent crimes,” any offense not included in this list is typically considered “nonviolent,” even if the act ostensibly involves some level of aggression or harm. This is still an important distinction, as “nonviolent” misdemeanors are sometimes eligible for expungement, while violent felonies are not. 

The Oklahoma City juvenile nonviolent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm is prepared to handle cases involving many types of offenses, including:

  • Assault and Battery. When someone threatens to commit an act of harm against another person, they commit assault. When a person actually harms another person, it becomes assault and battery. Assault and battery is charged as a misdemeanor if the victim was not seriously injured, the offense did not involve the use of a deadly weapon, the defendant did not intend to kill the victim, and the victim was not elderly or incapacitated. Assault and battery can also become a violent crime if the defendant commits the offense while masked or disguised. Felony charges may also be pursued if the victim is a first responder, prison guard, employee of the Department of Human Services, or Office of Juvenile Affairs. 
  • Disorderly Conduct. Someone engages in disorderly conduct when they intentionally “disturb the peace” of any municipality, family, or person through loud noises and/or obscene language.
  • Domestic Violence. Though “violence” is literally in the name of the offense, misdemeanor domestic violence is considered a “nonviolent crime” if it is a misdemeanor. The act will often be charged as a misdemeanor so long as it is a first offense and there are no aggravating factors. 
  • Eluding an Officer. If an officer turns on their sirens and lights and orders you to pull over, you are legally obligated to comply, even if you are confident that you did nothing wrong. Attempting to evade a police officer by speeding up, making an abrupt turn, or switching off your lights could result in misdemeanor charges. This offense can become a felony if evasion efforts result in harm to another party. 
  • Malicious Harassment. Someone can face these charges if they send lewd or obscene messages meant to harass or intimidate another person. Emails, text messages, social media platforms, and other forms of Internet communication are covered by state law.
  • Public Intoxication. The legal drinking age in Oklahoma is 21, so any minor who is publicly intoxicated will likely face enhanced scrutiny for their actions. Someone is “publicly intoxicated” if they disturb the peace and are actively (or appear to have been) drinking.
  • Resisting Arrest. When a law enforcement officer announces you are under arrest, it is in your best interest to comply with their instructions, exercise your right to stay quiet, and ask to speak to your lawyer. Resisting arrest through force or aggression – even if you believe you have done nothing wrong – can lead to misdemeanor charges. 
  • Theft. Petit larceny, grand larceny, and shoplifting are all examples of theft crimes. The seriousness of the charges and accompanying penalties will generally depend on the value of what was taken. Note that “robbery” is distinct from these charges and is considered a violent felony in Oklahoma. Robbery involves seriously harming or threatening to seriously harm one or more individuals in the course of committing some form of theft. 
  • Texting While Driving. A driver of any age can be charged with “reckless driving” if they are not giving their full attention to the road. Texting while driving can offer trigger these misdemeanor charges. 
  • Vandalism. A person commits vandalism when they deface or destroy someone else’s property. Painting graffiti and “tagging” are considered forms of vandalism. The offense is considered a misdemeanor if the value of resulting losses does not exceed $1,000. 

When a minor is accused of committing a nonviolent offense, they may be charged as a juvenile delinquent or youthful offender, depending on the circumstances. Many cases can be resolved without going to trial, but you will need to get in touch with a legal professional right away. The Oklahoma City juvenile nonviolent crime lawyer at the Shoemake Law Firm cares about your case and will work diligently to secure an optimal outcome. 

Contact the firm online or call (405) 451-1372 to start exploring your defense options. The firm also assists clients in Pottawatomie County, Grady County, Oklahoma County, McClain, and Lincoln.

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